Please Adopt Me

  •  All KAPS dogs are fostered in family households.  They are socialised, house-trained, sterilised, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped.
  •  Their temperaments are carefully assessed and matched to potential adopters and a home-check is carried out.
  •  We bring our pets to you so they can be introduced to you in your own home.
  •  If adoptions are unsuccessful, we fetch them back unquestioningly.
  •  For more details of all our dogs, please call Colette on 072 277 1056


Flossie is a female dog, approx 5 years old and is very quiet and well-behaved.


Poppet is a female of 11 months; a Jack Russell X and the brother of Pickles. She also gets on with other dogs and has loving nature.


Jack Russell X, male of 11 months. Pickles gets on with other dogs and has loving nature.


Patches is a small to med breed dog, female and approx 1 year old. She is well-behaved and looking for a new home.


Bradley is a male BCX who is about a year old - he is very playful, affectionate and well socialised.


Milo is about 18 months old, is a small male dog who is well behaved and timid.  he needs a mature, quiet home.

Beany – 8 months old

Beany is a medium-sized, playful puppy.  she is affectionate, quick to learn and would love company to play with.


Samantha is 11 months old, a female long-legged, Jack Russell. She is well socialised, slightly timid and has a sweet nature.


Misty is 5 years old with a lovely personality, looking for a home!


Skyla has lots of energy, is 11 months old, a mixed breed, playful, gentle and socialised with other dogs.

Muffin – adopted

Muffin is a 1 year old female Yorkie who is well socialised and very affectionate, looking for a new home.

Katie – adopted

Katie is a miniature border collie who is about 1 year old; she is very sweet and affectionate.

Badger – adopted

Badger is 8 months old, a Jack Russell mix and is ever so friendly with the softest nature. He gets on with everyone and everything!  Can you offer him a loving home?

Molly – adopted

Molly is 2 years old, socialised, very loving and gentle. She is looking for a happy, loving home.

Phoebe – adopted

Phoebe is a female Labrador who is very affectionate and good with other dogs.  If you can offer her a loving home, please contact us.

Jet – adopted

Jet is a 6 month old Labrador looking for a new home.  He has a playful and affectionate personality.

Honey – adopted

Honey is approx. 2 years old with a lovely, sweet nature. She had been tied up in Suurbraak on a chain and had not been socialised at all leaving her just wanting to bite.  Today however she is a happy, loving dog looking for a good home.

Fred- adopted

Fred is a 1 year old male dog, Collie cross with a lovely temperament and well-socialized.  If you can give Fred a home, please contact Colette.

Candy – adopted

Candy is 18 months old, very affectionate, playful and well socialised and is looking for a home.

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Crumpet – adopted

Crumpet is about 12 months old, has a gentle, sweet nature and gets on well with other dogs. She is a Maltese cross and after a bad start in life that left her very thin and malnourished, she is fit and healthy and looking for a loving home.

Kendal – adopted

Kendal's family are relocating and cannot take her with them. She is 5 years old, a medium-sized, family dog, with a gentle, affectionate nature.

Ivy – adopted

This is Ivy - female Jack Russell of about 1 year old with a beautiful nature, very affectionate and good with cats and dogs.

Mabelline – adopted

Mabelline is 2 years old, energetic and socialised. Unsure of her exact breed but possibly a Rottweiler x Doberman.

Pippa – adopted

She is a 9-12 months old female with a sweet nature, gets on with other dogs and needs a truly loving home.  Please contact Colette (details on our contact page) if you can give her a loving home.

Harry – adopted

Harry is a white wire-haired terrier cross; a male of 6 months old who is well socialized with other dogs and cats.

Ava – adopted

Ava is a year old, sweet natured, loving and gets on with other dogs!  She is looking for a "forever" home so if you can offer this, please get in touch through our contact page.

Pumpkin – Adopted

Pumpkin is 11 months old, a Terrier x, female with an ever so sweet and gentle nature, and she gets on well with the other dogs!

Bubble and Squeak – adopted

We have 2 "brothers" looking for a forever home with a kind, loving family. Bubble and Squeak are approx. 4 months old both with lovely natures, well socialised and of mixed breed. As they are so attached to each other, they need to stay together.

Gracie – adopted

Gracie is 10 months old, well socialised, gets on with other dogs, is playful and very sweet. She is desperately looking for a loving home.

Noodle – adopted

He is a 2 year old Maltese, ever so sweet and gentle, playful and socialised with other dogs.

Maddie – adopted

Maddie is a very sweet natured little Border Collie, looking for a home. She is around 10 months old.

Toby – adopted

Toby is a gentle-natured dog who was rescued on the main road between Riversdale and Ladismith. He is available for adoption, looking for a caring home.

Lara – Adopted!

Lara is a playful, affectionate Labrador of approx. 8 months old, needing company and possibly a little training

Sparky – Adopted!

Sparky is a very cute little guy  - he's affectionate, has a really sweet nature and we'd love to find him his perfect forever home...  

Sally – 7 yrs female

Sally is a delightful africanus type breed. She is of medium size. Her gently character is just irresistible ... She is well behaved and would make the perfect companion.  

TRACEY – 1 yr female

Tracey is a one year old female, small breed. She is very affectionate and socialised and would fit in easily. She needs a new home urgently!!

Adopted – TRIXIE

Trixie is a very sweet, timid, and well behaved little girl. She is a small dog. We need to find her a loving new forever home as soon as possible. Please help us and adopt her!  

FUDGE – adopted!

Fudge is an adorable Jack Russell boy of 3 years. He has a loving nature and is obedient and socialised. Owner is relocating - Help us find him a wonderful new home!  

LEMON – adopted!

Lemon is a beautiful pointer X Great Dane female. She is 4 years old and has a delightful, loving personality.  She needs space to run and have fun! Please help us find her the perfect home...  

Coco – adopted!

Coco is the most adorable 3 months old sausage dog. He has a lovely temperament and is happy around cats!  

Peanut – adopted

Peanut is a small-breed, well-behaved dog with a loving, sweet nature.  She is approx. 18 mths of age.

KELLY – adopted!

Kelly is a beautiful girl of the Africanis breed. She is young and playful but happy around all other pets. She is looking for a fun loving new family to adopt her.

Shandy – adopted!

Shandy is a delightful little Border Collie X female. She has an adoring personality and is calm and gentle. She is happy around other pets and is well adjusted. Please help us find her an urgent new home!!!!!  

Teddy – adopted!

Teddy is a gorgeous little guy! He is sociable and well behaved and really sweet! He's a border collie X, medium sized breed. Please help us find him a new family!  

TOSCA – adopted!

**ADOPTED!!** Tosca is the cutest, most adorable little puppy you have ever seen! She is a Border Collie Cross. At only 4 months old, she is playful and loving but also well behaved and gentle. She needs a loving new family quite urgently.  

Riley – adopted

Riley is an 18 month old Husky dog who has been neutered.  Unfortunately his previous owner can't accommodate him anymore in the flat.  

Sheena – adopted

Sheena is a lovely natured young dog. She is of small / medium breed and is happy around other animals. She is very gentle and calm too!  

Minnie – adopted!

8 months miniature Doberman Female This little girl will just melt your heart! She is so affectionate and loving, yet playful and well adjusted. She needs a caring new family to love her forever ...