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Please Adopt Me

  •  All KAPS dogs are fostered in family households.  They are socialised, house-trained, sterilised, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped.
  •  Their temperaments are carefully assessed and matched to potential adopters and a home-check is carried out.
  •  We bring our pets to you so they can be introduced to you in your own home.
  •  If adoptions are unsuccessful, we fetch them back unquestioningly.
  •  For more details of all our dogs, please call Colette on 072 277 1056

Sophie – 10 months old

Sophie is a small breed dog, well socialised with a sweet temperament.

Sadie – 5 months old

This is Sadie, a female cross breed with a little bit of Jack Russell in her!

Pippa – a mini Doberman

She is a 9-12 months old female with a sweet nature, gets on with other dogs and needs a truly loving home.  Please contact Colette (details on our contact page) if you can give her a loving home.


Sylvia is a Labrador cross who is one year old with a gentle nature.   She is well socialized with other dogs and cats.


Ava is a year old, sweet natured, loving and gets on with other dogs!  She is looking for a "forever" home so if you can offer this, please get in touch through our contact page.


Skyla has lots of energy, is 11 months old, a mixed breed, playful, gentle and socialised with other dogs.

Rocky – 1 year old Boerbul

Rocky is a soft natured, really goofy, Boerbul desperately looking for a new home.

Kody, 12 month old male Hound x

Sweet nature, very playful and gentle but does not get along with cats.

Harry – adopted

Harry is a white wire-haired terrier cross; a male of 6 months old who is well socialized with other dogs and cats.

Pumpkin – Adopted

Pumpkin is 11 months old, a Terrier x, female with an ever so sweet and gentle nature, and she gets on well with the other dogs!

Bubble and Squeak – adopted

We have 2 "brothers" looking for a forever home with a kind, loving family. Bubble and Squeak are approx. 4 months old both with lovely natures, well socialised and of mixed breed. As they are so attached to each other, they need to stay together.

Gracie – adopted

Gracie is 10 months old, well socialised, gets on with other dogs, is playful and very sweet. She is desperately looking for a loving home.

Noodle – adopted

He is a 2 year old Maltese, ever so sweet and gentle, playful and socialised with other dogs.

Maddie – adopted

Maddie is a very sweet natured little Border Collie, looking for a home. She is around 10 months old.

Adopted! Flicka – a Jack Russel, 3 years old

This little Jack Russel is looking for a loving home; he has a wonderful nature and will be a loyal friend.

Adopted! – Amy – 6 months old border collie

Amy has a playful nature and is looking for a family to share love, fun and a home with. Please contact us in you can adopt her.

Toby – adopted

Toby is a gentle-natured dog who was rescued on the main road between Riversdale and Ladismith. He is available for adoption, looking for a caring home.

Mini- a miniature Daschund – adopted

Mini is a miniature, mottled, female Daschund, about 3 years old with a lovely sweet nature, looking for her "forever home".

Adopted! Jenny (Rottweiler)

Jenny is a Rotti cross, +-3 year old female with a very gentle nature

Bonnie – adopted

Bonnie is a female dog, 3 years old - small, affectionate and well socialised

Shelley- Adopted

A Border Collie pup of 8 months old; female with a lovely nature.

Lara – Adopted!

Lara is a playful, affectionate Labrador of approx. 8 months old, needing company and possibly a little training

Adopted! – Scampi

Male, 3-4 years and is very playful, sweet tempered and gentle.

Muffin – Adopted

Female, aged 3-4yrs, Muffin is has a sweet nature and is a gentle soul

Sparky – Adopted!

Sparky is a very cute little guy  - he's affectionate, has a really sweet nature and we'd love to find him his perfect forever home...  

Sandy – Adopted!

Sandy is four years old and looking for a new home after her owner passed away.

Sally – 7 yrs female

Sally is a delightful africanus type breed. She is of medium size. Her gently character is just irresistible ... She is well behaved and would make the perfect companion.  

Bandit – Adopted!

Bandit is a young male dog, very well-behaved.  He is a small breed dog, approx. 8-9 weeks f age.

TRACEY – 1 yr female

Tracey is a one year old female, small breed. She is very affectionate and socialised and would fit in easily. She needs a new home urgently!!

Adopted! Betty – female 2 yrs

Betty is a medium sized mixed breed. She is a very sweet dog with loving personality and deserves to find a caring new family . Help us adopt her!

Adopted – TRIXIE

Trixie is a very sweet, timid, and well behaved little girl. She is a small dog. We need to find her a loving new forever home as soon as possible. Please help us and adopt her!  

FUDGE – adopted!

Fudge is an adorable Jack Russell boy of 3 years. He has a loving nature and is obedient and socialised. Owner is relocating - Help us find him a wonderful new home!  

Charlie – adopted

Male, +/- 5 months (Daschund x), well balanced and sweet temperament.

LEMON – adopted!

Lemon is a beautiful pointer X Great Dane female. She is 4 years old and has a delightful, loving personality.  She needs space to run and have fun! Please help us find her the perfect home...  

Coco – adopted!

Coco is the most adorable 3 months old sausage dog. He has a lovely temperament and is happy around cats!  

Peanut – adopted

Peanut is a small-breed, well-behaved dog with a loving, sweet nature.  She is approx. 18 mths of age.

KELLY – adopted!

Kelly is a beautiful girl of the Africanis breed. She is young and playful but happy around all other pets. She is looking for a fun loving new family to adopt her.

Shandy – adopted!

Shandy is a delightful little Border Collie X female. She has an adoring personality and is calm and gentle. She is happy around other pets and is well adjusted. Please help us find her an urgent new home!!!!!  

Teddy – adopted!

Teddy is a gorgeous little guy! He is sociable and well behaved and really sweet! He's a border collie X, medium sized breed. Please help us find him a new family!  

TOSCA – adopted!

**ADOPTED!!** Tosca is the cutest, most adorable little puppy you have ever seen! She is a Border Collie Cross. At only 4 months old, she is playful and loving but also well behaved and gentle. She needs a loving new family quite urgently.  

Riley – adopted

Riley is an 18 month old Husky dog who has been neutered.  Unfortunately his previous owner can't accommodate him anymore in the flat.  

Sheena – adopted

Sheena is a lovely natured young dog. She is of small / medium breed and is happy around other animals. She is very gentle and calm too!  

Minnie – adopted!

8 months miniature Doberman Female This little girl will just melt your heart! She is so affectionate and loving, yet playful and well adjusted. She needs a caring new family to love her forever ...